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Choose Windshield Wiper Blades

Finding the Right Size

1. Read your car manual

Windshield wiper blades come in many different sizes, and the same car may accommodate more than one size. Read your car manual to see what sizes of wiper blades can be installed on your car. Checking this way is the most straightforward way to figure out what you?re looking for before you go shopping

2. Measure your current wiper blades

Use a measuring tape to measure your wiper blades. If your car uses two wiper blades of different lengths, measure them both. To have an easy reference while you are shopping, save the measurements on your phone

3. Ask for assistance at an auto parts store

Visit an auto parts store for help finding the right sized wiper blades for your car. Tell a store clerk the year, make, and model of your car so they can find the right blades for you. Some auto parts stores will install the blades for you after you purchase them

4. Go through a dealership

For a pricey but straightforward method, visit a car dealership to get the exact model of wipers that came with your vehicle. If you drive an older model of car, this will mean that your wipers will lack new features

Comparing Features
1. Buy conventional rubber blades if youre concerned about price

Conventional wiper blades are made of rubber within a metal frame. you already have these blades are happy with their permance, stick with them. These wipers are the most simple cost effective choice

2. Invest in silicone wiper blades you want durability

Silicone blades are an alternative to regular, rubber wiper blades. These blades wipe away water more effectively with each stroke than rubber wipers. Silicone blades cost more than rubber blades but also lt up to twice long

3. Opt beam blades to eliminate streaking residue

Beam blades are rubber spring steel blades that donot have an external frame, allowing them to put more even pressure across the windshield when wiping. Beam blades can cost up to twice much conventional wiper blades, but the better permance may make them worth the investment

4. Find sturdy winter blades that will survive cold weather

here are several dferent features to shop you want sturdy wiper blades that will st up against a cold winter. k a store clerk at an auto parts store to show you the best winter-resistant wiper blades your vehicle. When shopping, remember that

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